What to pack for your holiday

Have you had issues packing? This post covers all the items you will need when packing for your next holiday.


5 things to do in Surfers Paradise!

So you’re thinking about either travelling to Surfers paradise or you have it already booked but are doing some research. Surfers Paradise is located in Queensland, Australia and is probably the number one holiday destination around Australia. There is a real sense of hussle and bussle but also a good combination of holiday and relaxation….

Are cruises really worth it?

One of the most asked questions in regards to holidaying is, are cruises really worth it? As someone that has been on a cruise holiday, I can firmly say yes HOWEVER this is largely dependent on your personal wants and desires. I cruised with Carnival Cruises from Sydney Australia to the South Pacific for a total…

The beauty of Nelson Bay!

Feeling like you’re in need of a relaxing holiday? Have a look at Nelson Bay, in New South Wales and fulfil all your travel dreams and desires.

Best snow in 5 years! Perisher Valley!

We have experienced the best snow in 5 years at Perisher valley this year and I had the opportunity to ski down the amazing slopes! Despite venturing out in September (which is almost end of season, where the snow usually isn’t that great), the snow was nothing short of amazing! Despite constantly falling over, the…